List of South America Countries With Their Respective Capitals and Currencies

South America Countries With Their Respective Capitals and Currencies

South America is the fourth largest continent of the earth. It is located entirely in the Western Hemisphere and mostly in the Southern Hemisphere, with a very small portion in the Northern Hemisphere. The South America continent shares borders with the Pacific Ocean to the west, the Atlantic Ocean to the east and north, the Caribbean Sea and North America Continent to the northwest, and the Southern (Antarctic) Ocean to the south. It covers an area of 17,840,000 square km, almost 11.98% of Earth’s total land area. It is the fifth most populous continent of the world. In South America, there are 12 United Nation recognized countries, dependent territories of other countries, and integral territory primarily of non- North American countries. The largest country of this continent is Brazil and the smallest country is Suriname.


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To know about the twelve United Nations recognized South American countries with their respective capitals, currencies, official languages and flags, refer to the table below.

CountryCapitalCurrencyOfficial Languages FlagSub Region
ArgentinaBuenos AiresArgentine pesoSpanishSouthern South America
BoliviaSucre(Judicial) AndLa Paz(executive)BolivianoSpanish, QuechuaWestern-central South America
BrazilBrasiliaRealPortugueseEastern South America
ChileSantiagoChileanpesoSpanishWestern South America
ColombiaBogotaColombian pesoSpanishNorthern South America
EcuadorQuitoUS dollarSpanishNorthwest South America
GuyanaGeorgetownGuyanese dollarEnglishNorthern South America
ParaguayAsuncionGuaraniSpanish, GuaraniCentral South America
PeruLimaSolSpanishWestern South America
SurinameParamariboSurinamesedollarDutchNortheast South America

Southern South


VenezuelaCaracasBolivar SoberanoSpanishNorthern South America 

In the South America continent, three territories (Dependencies that are not internationally recognized or not in effect) are controlled by other countries.   To know about this type of dependent territories with their capitals, currencies, official languages, and flags, refer to the table below.

TerritoryCapitalCurrencyOfficial LanguagesRuling Power FlagRegion
BouvetN/AN/AN/ANorwayAtlantic Ocean
Falkland IslandsStanleyFalkland Islands PoundEnglishUnited KingdomAtlantic Ocean
South Georgia and the South Sandwich IslandsKing Edward PointFalkland Islands PoundEnglishUnited Kingdom



One integral territory primarily of non-South American countries is situated in South America. To know about this type of integral territory with capital, currency, official language, and flag, refer to the table below.

TerritoryCapitalCurrencyOfficialLanguageIntegralPart FlagRegion
French GuianaCayenneEuroFrenchFranceSouth America Countries With Their Respective Capitals and CurrenciesNorthern South America



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