List of Top Twenty-Five Less-Populated Countries of the World

List of Top Twenty-Five Less-Populated Countries of the World

At present, according to the United Nations, the number of total countries is 195. Of this, 193 countries are members of the United Nations and 2 countries are non-member observer states (the Holy See and the State of Palestine). Here, we are discussing the twenty-five less-populated countries in terms of population. Also, given in percent is each country’s population compared with the world population, which the United Nations estimates at 7.92 billion on 31 December 2021. These countries are sovereign states and members of the United Nations.

To know about the list of the less-populated twenty-five countries in terms of a population, refer to the table below.

1Vatican CityEurope8251 Feb 2019 Monthly national estimate 
2NauruOceania11,1321 Jul 2021 National annual projection 
3TuvaluOceania11,8321 Jul 2021 National annual projection 
4PalauOceania17,9571 Jul 2021 National annual projection 
5San MarinoEurope33,66831 Oct 2021 Monthly national estimate 
6MonacoEurope38,35031 Dec 2020 National annual estimate 
7LiechtensteinEurope39,15130 Jun 2021 National Semi-annual estimate 
8 Saint Kitts And Nevis North America54,0001 Jul 2021National annual projection
9Marshall IslandsOceania54,5161 Jul 2021UN projection
10DominicaNorth America72,0001 Jul 2021UN projection
11AndorraEurope78,01531 Dec 2020 National annual estimate 
12SeychellesAfrica99,20230 Jun 2021  National Semi-annual estimate   
13Antigua And BarbudaNorth America99,3371 Jul 2021 National annual projection 
14TongaOceania99,5321 Jul 2021 National annual projection 
15MicronesiaOceania105,7541 Jul 2021 National annual projection 
16 Saint Vincent And the Grenadines North America110,6961 Jul 2020National annual estimate
17GrenadaNorth America113,0001 Jul 2021UN projection
18KiribatiOceania120,7401 Jul 2021 National annual projection 
19Saint LuciaNorth America184,4011 Jul 2021 National annual estimate 
20SamoaOceania199,8531 Jul 2021 National annual projection  
21São Tomé and PríncipeAfrica214,6101 Jul 2021 National annual projection 
22BarbadosNorth America288,0001 Jul 2021UN projection
23VanuatuOceania301,2951 Jul 2021 National annual projection 
24IcelandEurope374,83030 Sep 2021 National quarterly estimate 
25BahamasNorth America393,4501 Jul 2021 National annual projection 

Some important fact

  1. Vatican City is the least populated country in the European continent. It is also the less populated country in the world.
  2. Nauru is the least populated country in the Oceania continent.
  3. Saint Kitts and Nevis is the least populated country in the North America continent.
  4. Seychelles is a least populated country in the African continent.
  5. Suriname is the least populated country in the South American continent.
  6. Brunei is the least populated country in the Asia continent.


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