List of African Countries With Their Respective Capitals and Currencies

African Countries With Their Respective Capitals and Currencies

Africa is the second largest continent of the earth. It covers an area of 30,370,000 square km, almost 20% of Earth’s land area. It is the second-most populous continent of the world. In Africa, there are 54 United Nations recognized countries, de facto states (not recognized by the United Nations), and 11 dependent territories of other countries. The largest country of this continent is Algeria and the smallest country is Seychelles. Conventionally, there are five main geographical subregions in Africa. These subregions are the northern, western, central, eastern, and southern parts of Africa. 

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To know about the fifty-four United Nations recognized Africa countries with their respective capitals, currencies, and official languages  and flags, refer to the table below. 


CountryCapitalCurrencyOfficial LanguagesFlagSub Region
AlgeriaAlgiersAlgerian dinarArabic and BerberNorthern Africa
EgyptCairoEgyptian poundArabicNorthern Africa
LibyaTripoliLibyan dinarArabicNorthern Africa
MoroccoRabatMoroccan dirhamArabic and BerberNorthern Africa
TunisiaTunisTunisian dinarArabicNorthern Africa
BeninPorto-NovoWest African CFA franc (XOF)FrenchWestern Africa
Burkina FasoOuagadougouWest African CFA franc (XOF)FrenchWestern Africa
Cape VerdePraiaCape Verdean escudoPortugueseWestern Africa
GambiaBanjulDalasiEnglishWestern Africa
GhanaAccraCediEnglishWestern Africa
GuineaConakryGuinean francFrenchWestern Africa
Guinea-BissauBissauWest African CFA franc (XOF)PortugueseWestern Africa
Ivory CoastYamoussoukroWest African CFA franc (XOF)FrenchWestern Africa
LiberiaMonroviaLiberian dollarEnglishWestern Africa
MaliBamakoWest African CFA franc (XOF)FrenchWestern Africa
MauritaniaNouakchottOuguiyaFrenchWestern Africa
NigerNiameyWest African CFA franc (XOF)FrenchWestern Africa
NigeriaAbujaNairaEnglishWestern Africa
SenegalDakarWest African CFA franc (XOF)FrenchWestern Africa
Sierra LeoneFreetownLeoneEnglishWestern Africa
TogoLoméWest African CFA franc (XOF)FrenchWestern Africa
AngolaLuandaKwanzaPortugueseCentral Africa
CameroonYaoundéCentral African CFA franc (XAF)French & EnglishCentral Africa
Central African RepublicBanguiCentral African CFA franc (XAF)French & SangoCentral Africa
ChadN’DjamenaCentral African CFA franc (XAF)Arabic & FrenchCentral Africa
Democratic Republic of the CongoKinshasaCongolese franc (CDF)FrenchCentral Africa
Republic of the CongoBrazzavilleCentral   African CFA franc (XAF) FrenchCentral Africa
Equatorial GuineaMalabo (current) Ciudad de la Paz (under construction)Central African CFA franc (XAF)Spanish, French, PortugueseCentral Africa
GabonLibrevilleWest African CFA franc (XOF)FrenchCentral Africa
São Tomé and PríncipeSão ToméDobraPortugueseCentral Africa
DjiboutiDjiboutiDjiboutian franc (DJF)French & ArabicEastern Africa
EritreaAsmaraNakfaTigrinya, TigreEastern Africa
EthiopiaAddis AbabaBirrAfar, AmharicEastern Africa
SomaliaMogadishuSomali shillingSomali, ArabicEastern Africa
SudanKhartoumSudanese poundArabic, EnglishEastern Africa
South SudanJubaSouth Sudanese poundEnglishEastern Africa
MadagascarAntananarivoAriaryMalagasy, FrenchEastern Africa
MauritiusPort LouisMauritian rupeeEnglish, CreoleEastern Africa
ComorosMoroniComorianComorianFrenchEastern Africa
SeychellesVictoriaSeychelloisrupeeSeychellois, French, EnglishEastern Africa
UgandaKampalaUgandan shillingEnglish,SwahiliEastern Africa
RwandaKigaliRwandan francKinyarwanda, FrenchEastern Africa
BurundiGitegaBurundian francKirundi, French, EnglishEastern Africa
KenyaNairobiKenyan shillingEnglish,SwahiliEastern Africa
TanzaniaDodomaTanzanian shillingEnglish,SwahiliEastern Africa
MozambiqueMaputoMeticalPortugueseEastern Africa
MalawiLilongweMalawian kwachaEnglish,ChewaEastern Africa
ZambiaLusakaZambian kwachaEnglishEastern Africa
ZimbabweHarareZimbabwean dollarChewa, Shona, Sotha Eastern Africa
BotswanaGaboronePulaSetswana, EnglishSouthern Africa
LesothoMaseruLotiSesotho, EnglishSouthern Africa
NamibiaWindhoekNamibian dollarEnglishSouthern Africa
South AfricaPretoria (executive) Cape Town (legislative)South African randAfrikaans, EnglishSouthern Africa
EswatiniMbabane (executive) Lobamba (legislative)Lilangeni &South African randSwazi,EnglishSouthern Africa

Two de facto states (not recognized by the United Nations) are situated in Africa. To know about these de facto states with their respective capitals, currencies, official languages, and flags, refer to the table below. 

CountryCapitalCurrencyOfficial LanguagesFlagSub Region
Sahrawi Arab Democratic RepublicEl Aaiun (claimed) Tifariti(de facto)Moroccan dirhamArabicNorthern Africa
SomalilandHargeisaSomalilandshillingSomaliEastern Africa

 In Africa, eleven territories are controlled by other countries. To know about this type of dependent territories with their capitals, currencies, official languages, and flags, refer to the table below. 

TerritoryCapitalCurrencyOfficial LanguagesRuling PowerFlagSub Region
Canary IslandsLas Palmas de Gran Canaria and Santa Cruz de TenerifeEuroSpanishSpainNorth Africa
CeutaCeutaEuroSpanishSpainNorth Africa
French Southern and Antarctic LandsSaint PierreEuroFrenchFranceEastern Africa
MadeiraFunchalEuroPortuguesePortugalNorth Africa
MayotteMamoudzouEuroShimaoreFranceEastern Africa
MelillaMelillaEuroSpanishSpainNorth Africa
Pelagie IslandsLampedusa e Linosa & SicilianEuroItalianItalyNorth Africa
Plazas de soberania EuroSpanishSpainNorth Africa
ReunionSaint-DenisEuroFrenchFranceEastern Africa
Socotra ArchipelagoHadibuYemeni rialArabicYemenEastern Africa
SaintHelena, Ascension and Tristan da CunhaJamestownSaint Helena poundEnglishUnited KingdomWestern Africa



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